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Size:1m*1m & 1m*2m;
Materials:PVC LEATHER(VINYL)+PU Sponge+Rubber back
or:PVC LEATHER(VINYL)+PE Foam(with or without rubber back)
or:PGV LEATHER(VINYL)+PE Foam+wood sheet(with or without rubber back

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Judo Mats
The tatami variety is usually attached with velcro to the subfloor so that they stay firmly fixed, while at the same time can be effortlessly pulled up and taken off if required, for frequent cleaning. Many brands of this particular type of judo mat are now available in plenty of martial arts enterprises nationwide. Furthermore, they have also become extremely popular in schools and dojos all over the world, as they provide competing members the opportunity to work out on the same mat they will eventually compete on. Often times, judo mats are also referred to as ‘grappler mats.’ Top-notch materials and excellent craftsmanship guarantee a long period of use.
Judo Tatami Mats
This type is generally considered one of the most outstanding mats on which to execute your judo moves. It’s a favorite choice at many major international martial arts events, and is even used at the Olympics. Although initially expensive, you can now find a wide range of judo tatami mats available at very reasonable prices. A good online place to shop for these mats would be Amazon.
Judo Mats For Sale
Instead of pocketing out hundreds of dollars on these products, it would be a smart idea to go for top notch judo mats on sale, instead. This way, with the cash you save, you may invest in other important items that would come in handy for a judoka. For this purpose too, amazon is a good place to grab some hot deals. If you prefer, you could try shopping in an offline store, or browse a couple of niche specific judo mats e-commerce websites. It’s totally your call!
Cheap Judo Mats
Due to the bleak economic situation prevailing in many countries all over the world, it makes sense for people to invest in cheap judo mats, rather than choosing more expensive ones. That said, it is important that you carefully consider the quality of the products before paying for them. Just because they are priced reasonably, does not mean the quality is of a high quality. The same can be said vice-versa. A good site that lists judo mats at bargain rates is ebay.com.
Used Judo Mats
These too are in demand right now, due to the unfavorable economic situation in many countries worldwide. More and more gym club owners and trainers are opting for good quality used judo mats over the standard ones currently sold in stores. Famous shopping malls such as Walmart and Target are fantastic places to scout around for suitable mats at cheap prices. Both of these brands also maintain a web presence for your convenience.
Grappling Mats
Judo mats are sometimes known as grappling mats. In fact, the latter is a more well known term and encompasses a wide variety of models. As this competitive sport gains in popularity worldwide, more and more companies are marketing their own unique variations of this product. However, getting your hands on one may mean shelling out several hundred dollars. If you are not in a position to purchase an expensive, branded item right now, no worries, simply refer the paragraphs above this to discover other options.
Judo Puzzle Mats
This particular model has always been popular among the masses. It is also considered the most basic versions that is ideal for a newcomer to martial arts. One of the most-asked questions regarding judo puzzle mats is how you should glue them together. Well, instead of dishing out a one-line answer, we have covered this topic on a separate page on the site. It is quite an easy task to do and practically anyone can easily stick the pieces together within a couple hours. You may even request your friends to come over to your place in order to help you with this endeavor.

We insist the principle of "High quality with low prices ,and the best service ", provide all new and old customers with high-grade products and excellent service. Thanks very much for everyone’s supporting and encouragement to our company, we’ll go on our striving, develop the quality and service further, to meet the customers’ requirements. Warmly hope have a cooperation with you ,and develop together.

The products have being saled to over 20 countries including Japan, Korea, America, Chile, England, Italia, France and so on. We sincerely welcome all circles’ gracious presence! Would take the orders of: Samples showed; CMT; FOB and CIF, etc.
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